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Like in every industry, competition in the service sector is very fierce. Therefore it is necessary to differentiate from one’s competitors.

Being a service company, the quality of carried out services is very important. But there are other important factors as well, for example the stability of the service, the ease of care, cleanness, hygiene or maintenance costs. Here, ARODI nanoproducts can exploit their full potential.

ARODI nanoproducts have many advantages:

  • treated surfaces have a longer longevity
  • treated surfaces stay clean longer
  • treated surfaces are easier to clean
  • applicable at all seasons
  • short hardening times
  • saving of power
  • saving of time
  • saving of money
  • value retention and appreciation

Suitable for:

  • car purifiers
  • building cleaners
  • concierge businesses
  • gyms/ fitness studios
  • spas
  • swimming pools
  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • canteen kitchens
  • nursing homes
  • hospitals
  • etc.

With ARODI nanoproducts you are one step ahead your competitors. Stand out from the competition!

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