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Many of our products can be used directly in the industry. In today’s competition it is more important than ever to stand out from one’s competitors. Since we optimise beforehand, we can avoid subsequent corrections, we can offer competitive advantages and we can increase your income.

Here are some examples of our products:

  • façade sealing
  • textile sealing
  • glass sealing
  • stone sealing
  • wood sealing
  • roof sealing
  • and much more

Some of our products can be integrated directly in to the progress of production; others are applied to the product subsequently. Both techniques have one thing in common: they increase the longevity of your product and consequently the quality and value of your product.

Our industrial partnership is perfect for:

  • producers of solar plants and photo- voltaic systems
  • producers of plaster
  • producers of concrete
  • producers of roof tiles
  • producers of wind power plants
  • producers of windshields and panes
  • producers of tiles and ceramics
  • producers of houses
  • and much more

We can help you to stand out from your competition!

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