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Being a wholesale merchant, we distribute a broad spectrum based on high quality nanotechnological products for surface finishing. Thereby we follow three easy basic principles:

  • products to the consumer’s satisfaction
  • high - quality products
  • state - of - the - art development

The bases for our success are the quality of our products, continuous enhancements and a reliable service towards our customers and business partners.

We provide added value to our customers and business partners by improving their products. The added value establishes competitive advantages and paves the way for brand new marketing strategies.

Our goal is it to form long - term partnerships that are based on a WIN- WIN foundation. If you share the same opinion, you are the right partner for us.

Did we arouse your interest? Then call us, maybe still today!


Am Küppel 1
36103 Flieden
Telefon:+49 (0) 6655 - 93 49 730
Telefax:+49 (0) 6655 - 93 49 729


ARODI nanotechnology