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The costs for cleaning, maintenance and care often use up of a large part of the budget in most cities and communes. To name some of these costs:

  • maintenance/ renovation of buildings
  • maintenance/ renovation of bridges
  • maintenance/ renovation of tunnels
  • maintenance/ renovation train-/ bus stations
  • maintenance of monuments
  • graffiti removal
  • maintenance/ renovation of public toilets
  • maintenance/ renovation of traffic lights
  • maintenance/ renovation of traffic signs

Our motto is: Act instead of re-act. Prevent and seal surfaces and material with ARODI Nano products instead of waiting for damage caused by environmental influences or abuse which cause high costs.

ARODI nano products save a large part of these costs in the long run. We promise!

Which advantages do ARODI nano products have?

  • no need to paint facades which will reduce your costs
  • sealed buildings will be dirt-, water- and oil repellent which leads to dry walls and lower heating costs
  • water vapour can leak from the inside to the outside which leads to dry and breathable walls, prevention from mould and a better climate
  • long- term protection against moss growth, micro organisms, algae and emissions which will make your clean buildings showpieces
  • long- term protection and long- term value retention/ value appreciation
  • no need for aggressive cleansers and therefore protection of the environment
  • less consumption of cleansers and less cleaning costs
  • no graffiti and a clean, pleasant city
  • your town or commune is said to be especially clean and is attractive for new visitors which leads to additional income
  • you move with the times and profile your town or commune as modern and up to date which increases its reputation
  • you can provide new jobs and therefore increase your income
  • you are one step ahead your competitors and improve your reputation
  • etc.

This list could be continued endlessly. Let us advise you.

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