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Nanotechnology has been well known in industry for years. By now, the final consumers also know nanotechnology, especially because it is well represented in the media. Nevertheless, nanotechnology and nanotechnical products are widely varied terms. Many final consumers have problems to identify quality products and, particularly, do not know where to buy them.

Some may have experienced: Not everything that is supposed to be nano, is actually nano. The problem is that nano is a measuring unit, and one cannot patent a measuring unit. That is why there are such big differences between qualities. Our products are globally well- tried and of highest quality.

Product adequacy
If the final consumer would like to have information or would like to buy nanotechnical products, the easiest way is to ask the people who sell the product (which has to be sealed).

Example: car → car dealership

You can provide the opportunity to the final consumer and at the same time profit from it. How? As a sales partner from ARODI.

Which advantages does a sales partnership with ARODI have?

  • you can broaden your product line and increase your income
  • you can show greater competence towards your customers
  • you move with the times and profile your business as modern and innovative
  • you attract new customers and increase your income
  • you are one step ahead your competitors and gain additional market shares
  • you can seal your products yourself before you sell them which helps you to get value appreciation and to increase your income

The partnership is perfect for:

  • car-/ truck-/ motorcycle dealerships
  • sanitary companies
  • tile companies
  • window companies
  • joineries
  • stonemasonries
  • sales agents (also avocational)

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