What is nanotechnology?

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The worl of smallest dimensions

Nanotechnologies are said to be the key technology of the 21st century. Instead of “up and up, on and on”, their motto is “smaller and smaller, faster and faster”.

Nanotechnologies (“nano”- Greek: dwarf) deal with the analysis, production and the use of structure in a dimension of less than 100 nanometres. One nanometre is the billionth part of one metre (0,0000000001m or 10^9 m). One nanometre in relation to one metre is the same as a 1 Euro- coin in relation to our earths’ diameter. If you look at a ruler, one million nanometres would fit between two millimetres.

In those dimensions, it is possible to change features of objects, which gives great potential for the development of products and the innovation of products.

Nanotechnological surface products, in opposite to Teflon-, silicone-, acryl or oil products, strongly and permanently combine with the surface that is to be treated. They give, optional to the client, special surface- features. Hence, we create a product with special longevity and value retention out of a customary product.




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